Welcome the Men of Walk #118 to the Emmaus of the Cumberlands Community!

Jacob Boswell, Casey Cantrell, Loren Crowder, Will Daugherty, Danny Gorman, Jimmy Kenner Jr., 
Josh Lee, Phil Livingston, Danny Long, Tommy Montalbano, Josh Morrison, Tyler Maxwell, 
Zack Morris, Arles Norris, Reinold Pedde, Glenn Percival, Aaron Richardt, Clinton Robinson, 
Mike Rogalinski, Rocky Spears, Jason Tenwalde, Danny Webb, Greg Whited, 
Darrell Whittenburg, Jason Wright

Prayers for all your coming Fourth Days.

Be sure to visit our 72-hour Prayer Vigils

Sign up for your time to participate in prayer for the upcoming weekends. 

De Colores!!!

Volunteer Form

If you are interested in serving at Emmaus, please turn in your volunteer sheets for positions for the up-coming walks. Also, consider volunteering on Chrysalis and Journey flights. They can use your help too.

May God grant us all a wonderful year!

New Opportunity

Please click on the link to download a copy of our Emmaus of the Cumberlands Debit Authorization Form for monthly donations to our operating expenses.