What do I do at Fourth Day and what is Fourth Day?

Fourth Day is what we refer to as the “rest of your days of this life”. Fourth Day on Tuesday night is the time to come back together and share what God is doing in your life! And what you plan on doing with your new Fourth Days!

Who would benefit from the Walk to Emmaus?

Mature Christians who are in a relationship with the Lord.

Why was the Walk to Emmaus designed?

The Walk is designed to change environments through Christian leaders. By allowing the Pilgrims to have 72-hours to focus on their relationship and purpose the Lord has for them, they are better enabled to find their mission, whether it be simple or huge.

Do I need to bring my Pilgrim to the Walk?

Yes. As part of your responsibility, this ensures the Pilgrim that you are not just abandoning them to strangers.

What is Sponsors’ Hour and do I need to attend?

This hour begins the 72-hour prayer vigil. As the Pilgrims are meeting and greeting in the conference room, all of their sponsors are gathered together praying for them. It is highly recommended that all sponsors attend this hour due to the specialness of the cross ceremony.

As a non-sponsor, may I also attend Sponsors’ Hour?

Yes, anyone may attend Sponsors’ Hour as long as they have completed an Emmaus and/or Chrysalis/Journey weekend. The power of prayer is awesome so please join us!