We welcome anyone who has been on a previous walk, flight, or journey to come serve as you were served. As you know there are many ways you can help serve. If you are interested in serving on a team please use our online application forms. The community has grown so much that this is the only way of choosing the teams.

Servant Forms

If you are sponsoring a Pilgrim on an Emmaus Walk, this Sponsor’s Letter is the form you will need for gathering letters from friends and family members.

Please print this download if you need a list of sponsor duties. It just helps you to prepare for the weekend. There is also a portion at the bottom for your pilgrim or caterpillar listing items that they might want to bring.



** PLEASE NOTE – Applications need to be turned in as soon as possible when applying for a position on a walk. The walks will often fill up several weeks before the actual time of the walk. IF your application is accepted for a walkboth the pilgrim and the sponsor will receive an acceptance letter confirming their spot on the walk.

IF we receive your application after a walk is full, it will placed on the waiting list for the next available slot. IF you do not receive an acceptance letter within a week of the walk date, contact the Emmaus Registrar or the Journey/Chrysalis Registrar to check it’s status.