Thank you for visiting Emmaus of the Cumberlands website. Emmaus of the Cumberlands stretches all across the Upper Cumberland area of Tennessee and southern Kentucky. We are an established community which continues to grow as we watch God bless us daily. We are based in Livingston, TN and welcome your participation.

March Walks Reminder:  The Men's and Women's Walks for March are just a few weeks away.  If you are a sponsor who has not gotten his/her application in for a Pilgrim, please do so as soon as possible.  Confirmation letters will be sent out during February.  We hope to see you there!


Thank you for all your support to Chrysalis Flight #36 - Welcome to the new butterflies: Michael Burgess, Isaiah Christman, Manny Christman, Jakob Craig, Eil Estes, Jesse Gibson, Jerry Hood, Jarrett Key, Ismael Matias, Xander Miller, Jayden Nelson, Jose Perez, Blake Qualls, Zak Sells, Chance Spears, Colten Strait, Isaac Thomas, Addison Thompson, Caleb Thompson, Ethan Thompson, EJ Wright, Ross Wright, Michael LaPlante, Lynzee Yantz, Ali Tate, Jaylyn Hogue, Jayce Ramsey and Kadee Harrell. Thank you so much for all your help this weekend. God bless!!

Welcome to our Newly Elected Emmaus Board Members - Tammy Garrett, Amanda Graff, Michelle Hale, Derek Houser, Angelina McDonald, Jason Murphy and Vicky Voiles. Our New Web Administrator is Jammie Gibbons. She will also begin her duties Jan 1, 2015. The Emmaus Board tab will be updated with the all new members information soon. Congratulations and thank you for being willing to serve your Emmaus Community!!
Volunteer Sheets - If you are interested in serving at Emmaus, please be turning in those volunteer sheets for positions on the up-coming walks this year. And remember Chrysalis and Journey as well. They can use your help in volunteering for their spots too. God Bless you all. May God grant us all a wonderful year!

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** The LINK BELOW shares a short video about the Emmaus Movement and what it means. It also has several testimonies and exciting stories. Please check it out if you have questions about Emmaus. (Note: the video may not play on all phone apps. Laptop or desktop computers seem to show it best.)

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We are affiliated with the Upper Room and encourage you to check out their site for a greater understanding of Emmaus & Chrysalis. They have a lot of cool information and helpful books, devotionals and other items. Just click on this link:

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