The women of Walk 104 are well into their first 4th Day.  Please continue to lift up the following ladies in prayer: Kendra Patterson, Leah Elkins, Rita Bilbrey, Amanda Brannon, Bridgette Briggs, Kelsy Vanatta, Lora Williams, Anne Roysden, Lisa Mackie, Barbara Barker, Whitlee Stewart, Kim Walker, Tammie Brown, Amanda Carlton, Tiffany Robinson, Carol Johnson, Julia Dixon, Carolyn Collins, Amanda Breeding, Marilyn Keaton, Sasha Johnson, Diana Spurlock, Betty Roe, Eve Cook, Cheryl Calhoun, Sharron Chatelain, Pam Swatzell, Christie Young, Missy Pack, Abbie Armistead, Hannah Morris, Sarah Myers, Rosalie Ortega, Ginger Bullington, Dana McKinney, Holly Padgett, Melina Miller, Emily Ghianni, Louis Mountain, Diann Presley, Kim Griffin, Lakin Nunley, Jessica Elkins, and Alyssa Rediker.  May the LORD bless each of them during all their 4th Days! 
Thank you for visiting Emmaus of the Cumberlands website. Emmaus of the Cumberlands stretches all across the Upper Cumberland area of Tennessee and southern Kentucky. We are an established community which continues to grow as we watch God bless us daily. We are based in Livingston, TN and welcome your participation.


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De Colores!!!


Volunteer Sheets - If you are interested in serving at Emmaus, please be turning in those volunteer sheets for positions on the up-coming walks this year. And remember Chrysalis and Journey as well. They can use your help in volunteering for their spots too. God Bless you all. May God grant us all a wonderful year!

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